How to copy a DVD in Mac OS X

mac, mac os xBeing asked on how to copy a DVD in Mac OS X. FYI, Mac has a disk utility that able to copy DVD without using other DVD burning software. May be there are more steps to copy a DVD in Mac, but you dont need to pay a single cent to buy any DVD burning software!

To copy a DVD in Mac OS X, follow the steps below:-


  • Go to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility
    mac disk utility, disk utility for dvd
  • Insert the DVD that you want to copy and highlight the DVD drive at the sidebar and click “New Image”
  • A new window will prompt for the disk image name, specify the name of the image, choose “DVD/CD Master” from the image format, choose “none” for the encryption and Click “Save” and wait for the Disk Utility finish the process and take out the DVD
  • Once finish, take out the original DVD and now u can see a disk image that you just created at the sidebar, highlight it and Click “Burn”
    mac disk utility, disk utility burn image
    * it’s just the same steps as burn iso file in mac os x
  • Now put in a blank DVD and wait for the process to be finish
  • Once finish, check the blank DVD and it should have all the data that you want to copy. Done. you just copy a DVD in you Mac OS X without any additional software

** Do not copy a commercial DVD that you do not own it. **

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