Fckeditor – File Manager Session Problem in IE7

fckeditor, free software, open source software, oos, software, online html editor, fckeditor session problemI’m using FCKEditor for one of my project and it works brilliant for IE6, Firefox 1.5x. When we did the testing on IE7, the file manager shows some error. Before this we did some fine tune to allow only authenticated user to use FCKEditor and it’s file manager to upload pictures. Now it shows user not authenticated and it can’t even get all the session data.

We spend a lot of time go thru our code to check if our session setting having any problem, but no luck. After googling for some times, finally found out that, there is a variable we need to set in FCKEditor to solve the file manager session problem.

To solve the file manager session problem follow the steps below:-


  • Open fckconfig.js
  • Look for variable FCKConfig.PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser
  • Change
    FCKConfig.PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser = false
    FCKConfig.PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser = true
  • Clear your browser cache and close all opened browser, and now your file manager session problem should be solved

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2 Responses to “Fckeditor – File Manager Session Problem in IE7”

  1. rs says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to figure this out.

    I don’t understand why they would even have FCKConfig.PreserveSessionOnFileBrowser = false to begin with.

  2. Richard Lacbay says:

    hi, i just want ask about fckeditor on how to setup on web hosting server.
    right now am having error in inserting image. when trying to browse server folder XML error appears. uploading also i cant figure it out. but on my test server here in laptop, it works fine. Please help.


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