How to restore to factory settings in Lenovo S10

Just bought Lenovo S10 and so unlucky that window crashed. So have to restore my Lenovo S10 to factory settings. Can’t really find how ot restore to factory settings in Lenovo S10 from the User Manual. So check from google, after many many search, finally found the solution.

For Lenovo S10 to restore to factory settings follow the steps below:-


  • Turn off your Lenovo. (i mean shut down and make sure it’s power off)
  • Now press on the “One Key Recovery” key at the top of your Keyboard, your Lenovo S10 should boot up. Else hold down the “One Key Recovery” key until it boot up.
    lenovo s10 restore to factory settings
  • Now you may choose “Restore to factory settings” from the screen and proceed for the restoration.
    ** the restoration will first check if your windows files has been corrupted, if yes, then it will restore it to the original state and no restore is required. else it will continue with the restoration.

Hope this helps Lenovo S10 users.

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80 Responses to “How to restore to factory settings in Lenovo S10”

  1. Drew Blount says:

    Thank you for your help. Lenovo was definitely thinking about their customers when they installed that reset button.

  2. chua says:

    the recovery system doesnt work because user doesnt perform the 1st backup.
    if the vendor does not help to create the first backup and user forget to create the backup
    then the recovery system will not work.

  3. David Hinson says:

    Boy was I in trouble! I had upgraded to Windows 7 but it was just as well that the original WIN XP remained because after a month I had lost the password to get into WIN 7.
    I followed the simple instruction to reset my Lenovo S10. It worked perfectly and now I am revisiting all those original functions that my little favourite had back in 2009. It’s Memory Lane! I wish to mention that during this recovery my machine WAS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and I am wondering if that was absolutely necessary. Maybe this is why some users complain that the recovery system does not work?

  4. Samuel says:

    Help!!! My s10 had a white screen/blank screen when booted up and I tried pressing OKR(one key recovery) but it still remains white screen/blank screen.
    All it does is giving a ‘1343’ beep sounds and even fans are not working

  5. chua says:

    May be you can borrow a external DVD drive and install your OS from there.

  6. Suhail says:

    I formatted Lenovo s10-3 with windows 7 ultimate & now neither onekey recovery nor QS are working. can anybody plz tell me how to restore to the original position. even I can’t took the recovery from the OEM partition plz coment for the solution

  7. Liz says:

    Now that I’ve done the recovery, the only thing that appears is a screen saver now programs at all!

  8. Serge says:

    Bullshit this never works

  9. Zaxx says:

    Thanks for this text. I used it. Hello from Czech Republic …

  10. Mandy says:

    Thank you so much for these easy to follow instructions! I was definitely stuck trying to figure out how to restore! This worked for me and was very quick!

  11. yigit says:

    Thank you for sharing, its ok.

  12. Aaron says:

    Worked just fine. Thank you very much!

  13. chua says:

    Hi laurie, since OKR not working in your pc.
    then next solution is to get an external CD rom drive to boot winxp from CD.
    Borrow a External CD ROM Drive and WinXP CD from friend and try to do a clean install for your machine.

  14. Laurie says:

    Please Help! I pushed OKR and now my machine will do NOTHING! I called Lenovo and they want $179 to help me. I could get a much better machine for not much more than that. Since pushing the OKR button I cannot get my S10-2 to even turn on. I was getting the error message missing or corrupt file windows/system32/config/system.

  15. Gurmeet Singh Bali says:

    My S10 system is infected with virus, I want to format it. I tried with Recovery button turns the machine on and directly leads to the windows desktop. it doesnÒ€ℒt give me any option for resetting my machine to factory default. Any idea gyes, any advice will be highly appreciated.


  16. sal says:

    How to Use One Key Recovery Lenovo Windows 8 or can you get recovery disk for k410

  17. bW says:

    it doesn’t work for me as well, it goes to windows xp directly :<

  18. bianca says:

    I was in the middle of restoring factory settings but my battery died. When I turned on my laptop again, it said “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.” It says to re-install a copy of windows root>\system32\hal.dll. How do I install that?

  19. David says:

    I tried it, but it just freezes on the “Lenovo” screen.

  20. Jeff says:


  21. ferum dioxide says:

    thank you for the tips.. been struggling for few hours just to find out that the restore key is on the keyboard

  22. mankoo says:

    Thanx !!

  23. Tom Okogun says:

    THANKS. Excellent Solution. You can’t get used to every Laptop in the market. So, TIME SAVING Solution like this is highly recommended

  24. angelo says:

    how can i use my back up cd if my recovry button does not work…

  25. elvelon says:

    Thanks man.

  26. Marek says:

    Hi guys
    I have the same problem but my recover key is not working perhaps….when i pushed it, after restarting system nothing happend…only black screen where is written windows error recovery with some choices.
    So what would i do?i cannot use even network on that device….it is really slow without any reactions
    Im going crazy.
    I will be greatful for every ideas.

  27. Ali says:

    thnks… your article help me out πŸ™‚

  28. Turkey says:

    Thank u so much!.. πŸ˜‰

  29. Yadi says:

    Thankyou…… perfect solution for system crash…. thanks

  30. Akakandelwa Songolo says:

    One key recovery is in chinesse, i can’t restore to factory settings. what i should i do???

  31. Goodman says:

    it works when still have backup partition

  32. Goodman says:

    It really works even on japanese S10-3 ideapad

  33. Yakult says:

    Thanks, It’s a big help for me though..

  34. Nick says:

    I love you. My computer went into retard mode, and nothing, and I tried everything, and nothing worked, except this. Life saver, thank you.

  35. rathnakar says:

    dear sir,

    ihave lenovo y530 laptop which has onekey recovery facility….
    fortunatly due to virus i formatted my laptop along factory settings… now i lost onekey recovery facility option i want it back so kindly help

  36. Mostafa says:

    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much πŸ™‚

  37. wine says:

    hi… please help me.. when i try to reformat my lenovo s10-2 using the one key recovery, it only provides two options: (1) back up using the internal drive, (2) back up using cd. it does not give me an option to restore to its factory settings.. please help me how can i reformat my laptop back to its factory settings… thank you in advance.. God bless…

  38. Anya says:

    Thanks mate. you solved my 3month problem!

  39. G says:

    Man, that helped a lot. This one key recovery is an innovation, save a hell lot of time and searching, trying ot figure out where to go.

  40. mari0 says:

    Thank you so much !!!

  41. chua says:

    vete, thanks for dropping by.
    from wat i experience, it will wipe out all ur data from c.
    so try to backup ur data before u restore to factory setting.

    i’m not sure why u have d?
    arent suppose D: is the hidden partition?

  42. Christophe says:

    Thank you so much !!!

  43. vete says:

    hai all
    i have problem with one key recovery (OKR) Lenovo S10
    when i click OKR, then if i choose restore to factory system, what will happen?
    is it will erase my other partition? or only C’s partition?

    i have 2 partition, C & D
    i won’t D’s partition erased.
    can i use OKR to restore my system without D’s partition erased?
    u’r feedback please..

  44. Ab says:

    it still dosent works ………….it just restarts the notebook with one key recovery………pls help as to how to use it ………..

  45. naji7000 says:

    it working fine 4 me…

    it means, steps…..
    1) turn off and shutdown your S10 first
    2) then HOLD-DOWN the red arrow RECOVERY sign
    3) then POWER-ON your S10 (please dont release the RECOVERY key)
    4) waiting the nx screen come out
    5) it OK now for your recovery choose….. =)

  46. galib says:

    Recovery button turns the machine on and directly leads to the windows desktop. it doesn’t give me any option for resetting my machine to factory default. Any idea gyes, any advice will be highly appreciated.


  47. abogoddess says:

    THANK YOU! Lenovo really made it difficult for us to figure out how that freaking button works! who in the hell would know that “it must be turned off” to restore to default?! THANK YOU!

  48. Tom says:

    Thank you.

  49. dhiraj says:

    one key recorver is not working. even i uses same process as u written
    pls help me how to recover my original xp.

  50. ness says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This helped me out a lot.

  51. Oldrich says:

    I have a problem. When I switch off computer and then press the “one key recovery button” not comes any table or any menu but It goes to windows desktop same as normal starting of system with using switch on button!!! Does anybody know what can be a problem? or do I have any options to reinstall system without “such a perfect key recovery… bottun” ? or safe a licence of windows?

    thanks for make reply

  52. Fran says:

    Ugh, I have the S10 and it’s such a piece of crap. Anyway, thanks for the help!

  53. iankoedong says:

    it really works.. thanks alot man… so that easy

  54. Kenn says:

    Hi. I read some of the comments about the hidden storage that is used by the one key recovery. If im not mistaken, the OneKey is programmed to install what is in the hidden storage. Is it possible that you format it to, example, Windows7? so everytime you use the OneKey, it will restore the new OS installed in it. I dont have a Lenovo S10 but my friend is asking help to reformat her netbook. so im searching for that OneKey which im not familiar with.

    By the way, will the OneKey recovery remove viruses present in the current situation you have?

    thanks a lot

  55. The illiterate one says:

    u sure this really works???

  56. milsh says:

    this notebook from lenovo what have i, it’s wery complicate

  57. chua says:

    i hate to say this but this is the only way for you to recover your Lenovo.
    Unless you have external DVD and you have burn your Window Installation into DVD then you can reinstall from the external DVD.

  58. Lester says:

    Tried this and it just continues in a loop during the windows xp load screen.
    I let it run for 25 minutes and nothing happened…
    This has netbook has no CD/DVD drive so is there a way I can load windows onto a external USB drive or is there maybe a download of a working image (.wsi) file??

    Thank you for any help. This has been quite frustrating.

  59. chua says:

    sorry staya, u cant get back ur settings if you deleted the default partition

  60. satya says:

    unfortunately i have done the partision in d5q can i get back the one key recovery setting.

  61. chua says:

    ranjan: i think u need to get it back to Lenovo service center for service

    jerome: what option is there for you to choose when you press the Recovery key?

  62. Jerome says:

    I need to set my computer to the original factory setting, but when I press on the recovery key it only boots up and does not show the recovery functions. I have not change the partition of the hard drive at all and I do not have an external drive to install the OS. What can I do?

  63. ranjan says:

    My s10e could not show bios information, when i press power fan runs, but screen is black, after few second fan stop. It looks bios is corrupted. help me how can I restore bios?

  64. Bruno says:

    Thanks a lot man! The Lenovo manual simply doesn’t say how to use it and it is so simple!

  65. Stephanie says:

    I am trying to restore my sister in laws Lenovo S10. When I follow the instructions given, the screen only asks me two options….either to back up or do create a recovery disk. There is not an options that says “restore to factory settings.” Any help out there?? Thanks, Stephanie

  66. Paige says:

    i have a problem with one key recovery
    Everytime i turn my pc on

    Eventually One Key Recovery will auto boots up and i have to select either one BOOT or SHUT DOWN from One key recovery itself

    This is making me crazy
    I didnt press anything for it to turn on while i turn my pc on
    But if i were to restart my pc , One key recovery wont eventually turns on by itself

    Please Help

  67. thanh nguyen says:

    thanks alot guys!!!!

  68. chua says:

    rifky, i’m so sorry to say that if you formatted the hidden partition, there is no way you can get back the manufacturer settings. Another way you can try is to find a friend that has Lenovo S10 which has not formatted their hidden partition, then you make a recovery CD from it. I havent test this method yet, so it MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT WORK. depends on your luck!

  69. rifky says:

    like the other how to make got instaled with manufacture default if all of my disk formatted please i need reply as soon as possible
    thanks alot

  70. Rosie says:

    i had this ideapad s10 long time but never bother to create the backup cd for recovery.

    Now I have tried to create back up using OKR but always stop at 38% with the file name winpe.wim location in c:\program files\lenovo\okr\….\winpe.wim.

    How to fix this ? coz i can’t make any backup at all
    Thanks in advance

  71. jesus says:

    hoooo my God….its realy work… thanks a lot

  72. bonds says:

    What if I have, out of stupidity, accidently format the hidden partition? Is there someway to download an image of that hidden partition, recreate the hidden partition, and run the one key recovery? Thx…

  73. eduardo says:

    Save my life…my brand new lenovo s10-20 got the infamous ms-crafted-black-screen-of-death just making initial setup….Thx a lot

  74. paulz says:

    Thanks man.


  75. joe says:

    Thank me alot!

  76. SoGua says:

    allain: u may format the HDD to install windows 7 but the ‘one key recovery’ will only restore your machine back to default window xp. and remember, do not format the hidden partition else your ‘one key recovery’ will not work!

  77. joe says:

    Sorry but it won’t. you’ll mess up one key recovery.

  78. allain says:

    what if i formatted the HDD to install Windows 7 on drive C:? Will ‘one key recovery’ still work? Just email me please for your answer. Thanks!

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