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jqueryRecently I’m busy doing an appointment booking system and i need to use JavaScript lightbox in some section. As u know there are plenty of jQuery lightbox plugin around, and i need to choose the most stable and easy to use lightbox plugin for my system. After some testing, i find that Fancybox suit my need and it’s so easy to use, of course it’s flexible too.

To implement this Fancybox jQuery lightbox plugin, you just need to include 3 files:-


  • jquery version 1.7.x
  • fancybox plugin
  • fancybox css stylesheet

Once your page has include the above 3 files, you will be able to activate fancybox easily. You can refer to their demo page or documentation.

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I’ve use this jQuery lightbox plugin for image preview and it looks good! And i also implement this lightbox plugin at one of my item selection page. Where the lightbox will popup as an iframe to show the available available slot for booking and once user select, it will close down the lightbox and auto fill up some form value. This greatly enhance the user experience!

If you are still looking for jQuery lightbox plugin, i would suggest you give Fancybox a try!
Click here to download this jQuery Lightbox – Fancybox

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