How to disable Cache in Google Chrome

google chromeI’m trying to disable cache in Google Chrome yesterday when i encounter my css is not refresh after edit and hitting few times of F5 in Google Chrome. It look like Chrome is Caching the file and i need a solution to disable cache in chrome!

To disable Cache in Google Chrome, follow the steps below:-


  • Start your Chrome
  • For PC: press on CTRL + Shift + i
    For Mac: press Command + Option + i
  • Once the key is pressed, Chrome will split the current window into 2 part. Now click on the Settings button at the bottom right and you will see a new interface.
    chrome disable cache settings, google chrome disable cache
  • Tick the “Disable Cache” and Click on “X” to close this split window.
    disable cache chrome, chrome disable cache
  • Done! You have just disable the cache in Google Chrome!

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2 Responses to “How to disable Cache in Google Chrome”

  1. Stu Mountjoy says:

    What if you cannot (after pressing Ctrl and Shift and i) see the settings icon in the righthand bottom corner?

    Google Chrome, running in win 10 pro 32-bit, version 54.0.2840.99 m

  2. Tony says:

    You don’t need to disable the browser cache.

    Simply add a version number to your CSS like this:

    And each time you update your CSS, just change the "v=1" string, which will then force any browser to reload the CSS.

    This also works for proxy servers, as when they "see" the string has changed, a new version of your CSS is reloaded.

    You can do the same thing for Javascript too.

    Hope this helps.

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