Free SVN Client (GUI) for Mac OS X – SvnX

For those who are looking for a Free SVN client (GUI) that have nice interface in mac os x, you can try SvnX. SvnX is a free svn client with nice GUI interface. The GUI for this free svn client is quite user friendly.

Here is some screen shots for this free svn client SvnX:-
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Currently this free svn client support:-

    Repository Inspector :

  • Browse logs, revisions and directories in a single window.
  • svn checkout, svn export, svn import, svn switch, svn copy, svn mkdir and svn delete support.
  • Drag & drop between the repository browser and the Finder ! (both ways!).
  • FileMerge integration.
  • Disk cache for impressive speed.
    Working Copy Inspector :

  • Flat view / hierarchical view.
  • Items sorting/filtering/searching.
  • Operate svn actions on selected items.
  • svn move/copy via drag&drop in hierarchical view.
  • svn rename.
  • Save your favorite working copies in a panel.

Click here to Download this Free SVN Client (GUI)

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  1. gyo says:

    Have a look at SCPlugin:

    It’s way better than svnX!


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