14 Responses to “How to register a free @microsoft.com email account?”

  1. Rahul says:

    Idiots, there was never a problem.
    It is a simple javascript trick where you modify drop down options at client side only.

    @microsoft.com doesn’t get stored on same server as external emails.
    You need to join Microsoft to get one.

  2. SoGua says:

    i think microsoft has fixed the problem.

  3. praveen says:

    i cud not go to the above said website at all.. once i copy and paste the code in the address bar.. do i have to erase the spaces?

    pleases help

  4. Peter says:

    This won’t work, because the @microsoft.com email accounts are manually created by the higher officials, whenever a new employee joins at Microsoft. Also, the @microsoft.com email ids can opened and operated only through Microsft’s VPN, which again requires employee authentication.

    So move on! 😀

  5. brendan says:

    This does not work asshole!!!

  6. chua says:

    Hi Ehab,
    If you wan to join facebook, i suggest you register your email account at http://www.hotmail.com.

    This email address is only for the people that is working in microsoft :p

  7. Ehab says:

    i cant open my inbox, i registered a microsoft email and i cant get to the inbox so please help, all i want is to join the microsoft network on facebook

  8. hayt says:

    it does’n work man. microsoft emails only use the people which work there 😛

  9. Jay says:

    in this way you can create whatever live ID for msn messenger only but not for email, just like you can use whatever email to register a msn account. so let email concerns go with regard to the javascripts mentioned here

  10. Hardik says:

    Hey Friends, I tried but it doesnt seem working, can anybody help…?

  11. Besim says:

    I registered an email @ microsoft.com but I cant open Inbox. How Can I sign in to inbox?

  12. free wii says:

    Yup, they patched it 🙁

  13. chua says:

    i think they have patched the bug.

  14. Paul Ooi says:

    techie corner tipu one, cannot also..