How to setup static IP in Debian


To setup static IP in Debian is a bit difficult as it has no TUI for networking setup. So to setup static IP in Debian, you need to modify file manually.

To setup static IP in Debian follow the steps below:-

  • First, we need to modify /etc/networking/interfaces files, so we make a backup before we perform any edit.

    ** If you do not have this file, you will use /etc/network/interfaces for the above and rest of the steps below

  • Then, we edit the file at /etc/networking/interfaces

  • Put in the content below into the file and save it:-

  • Now, restart your networking setting using the command below

  • Once restarted, your Debian will run on new IP. If you are using SSH to configure the above settings, you will get disconnected. No worry, you can now reconnect to Debian using new the IP.
  • Done, you have just configure your Debian to run on static IP.

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  1. Thijs says:


  2. Guy says:

    Same as comment above-

    Using Lenny, the path for me is: /etc/network/interfaces

  3. In my Debian install (2/12/10) the path to the interfaces file is: /etc/network/interfaces

    Good Luck.

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