How to Perform Full Backup to Backup Website in CPanel Hosting

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For those who have his own blog or website hosted on CPanel Hosting, you might want to learn how to backup your website in CPanel. By default CPanel provide few easy way to backup your website. But today i’m going to cover how to perform full backup to backup your website in CPanel hosting.

To perform full backup in CPanel Hosting, just follow the steps below:-


  1. Login into your CPanel with the username and password
  2. Click on Backupcpanel backup, backup website cpanel, cpanel hosting backup
  3. Click on Generate / Download a Full Backup
  4. Select Home Directory in Backup Destination and enter your email address. others just leave blank and click Generate Backup
  5. Done! You just perform a full backup in CPanel. You will received a notification email once the backup is done.
  6. Once the backup is ready, you can FTP into your Account to download the backup file. CPanel locate your backup file in your root directory (/home/username/) and CPanel backup filename normally look like this:-

You also can FTP your full backup file to your another FTP server (if you have more than 1 server). Just enter the Remote Server (FTP / SCP) which is the IP or domain name, Remote User (FTP / SCP) and Remote Password (FTP / SCP) in the Generate Backup page before you hit Generate backup button, your Backup File will be transfer to the remote server.

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  1. Arpan says:

    i would like to know the method of backing up my official web site ASAP as many times the .asp files go tampered.

  2. Jack Strawman says:

    Thank you for the very clear instructions. I need to do a full cPanel backup today, and I will follow your instructions carefully.

  3. Thank you for the helpful tutorial. Is this the best way to backup a website?

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