How to extract img tag attributes using PHP?

phpI’ve this PHP script function that use to extract image tag attributes. This comes very useful when you want to extract image data from some html content for processing or migration. if you know how to modify the regular expression, then the same function can be use to extract any other html attributes! Just few line of codes and hope it benefits everyone here 🙂

To extract img tag attribute using PHP, follow the steps below


  • This is a very straight forward function that you can copy and use to extract img tag attributes instantly in your project.
    function extract_attrib($tag) {
    	preg_match_all('/(id|alt|title|src)=("[^"]*")/i', $tag, $matches);
    	$ret = array();
    	foreach($matches[1] as $i => $v) {
    		$ret[$v] = $matches[2][$i];
    	return $ret;
    $img_tag = '';
    $atts = extract_attrib($img_tag);
    /** Result:-
        [id] => "logo thumbnail"
        [src] => ""
        [alt] => "wordpress logo for thumbnail display"
        [title] => "wordpress logo"

Happy coding!

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