Symfony 1.4: How to sort foreign key record?

symfonyHave been looking for way to sort foreign key records in Symfony 1.4 for few days. I’ve a staff table with a foreign key to comments. Whenever i call the StaffTable->getComments() the records return is not in alphabetical order. Finally i found some helpful tips from a forum (sorry i lost the forum url), and i manage to sort foreign key record with just a line of code. 🙂

To sort foreign key record in Symfony 1.4, follow the steps below:-


  • Open the file lib/model/doctrine/base/BaseStaff.class.php and look for the function name ‘setUp‘ and look for this:-
     $this->hasMany('Comment', array(
             'local' => 'staff_id',
             'foreign' => 'comment_id',
             'onDelete' => 'setnull'));

    Copy it and follow the next step.

  • go to lib/model/doctrine/Staff.class.php
  • Create a function as below:-
     public function setUp() {
        $this->hasMany('Comment', array(
    			'local' => 'staff_id',
    			'foreign' => 'comment_id',
    			'orderBy' => 'created_at',
    			'onDelete' => 'setnull'));));        
  • Now refresh the page and you should see your record being sorted according to created_at time

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