WordPress: How to open rss links in new window?


wordpressBy default, WordPress RSS widget doesn’t open new window when user click on the link. I’ve been searching for the solution for quite a while and most of the solution refer to editing the wordpress core file (wp-includes/default-widgets.php). Editing core file are not a permanent solution, whenever there is wordpress update, it will write off your modification. At the end, i decided to use jQuery to solve the problem.

To open WordPress rss link in new window, follow the steps below:-

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel, Appearance -> Editor
  • Click on for header.php at the right sidebar
  • Add the content below between the head tag

    * make sure you have jquery loaded
  • Once done, update the file and you may refresh your front page.
  • Now you may click on rss link and it should be open in new window!

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