How to do string replace (str_replace) in MySQL

mysqlMySQL has a built in function to perform string replace (just like PHP str_replace) thru the query. I just perform a MySQL string replace at a website migration and everything work like a charm. This MySQL string replace function really save me a lot of time! Imagine if i’m going to edit the record one by one, and there is 100 record, i think i’m going to be crazy after the manual edition.

To perform string replace (str_replace) in MySQL, you can use the query below:-


  • For example: I’m going to do string replace at my ‘post_content’ field in ‘wp_posts’ table.
    Replace with:

    You may run the query below to perform the string replace function:-

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE(post_content, '','');
  • Done. Now all the record in post_content should be updated!

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