Mac open dmg file No mountable file system error


mac, appleI’m trying to open an dmg file in my Mac but it shows “No mountable file system” error. At first, i thought the file is corrupted during the transfer so i re download the file again. However, it still shows “No mountable file system” error when i open the dmg file.

After some research, i found a small command will solve the problem.

Mac open dmg file: No mountable file system

  • Backup your dmg file
  • Open your terminal
  • Enter this command:-
    hdiutil convert /path/to/yourfile.dmg -format UDRW -o newfilename.dmg
  • Once you execute the command, sit back and wait till the process finish. (It might need to take some time if your file is very large in size)
  • Once the process finish, double click on your newfilename.dmg file and you will be able to open the file

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2 Responses to “Mac open dmg file No mountable file system error”

  1. didnotwork says:

    Unfortunately, this did not work. This process made a copy of the original .dmg that doesn’t open, but the copy exhibits the same exact issue, i.e. No mountable file system error. :(

  2. ADM says:

    Hi there,

    Does this process create a copy of the .dmg or simply change the format of the existing file?

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