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How to type chinese character in Ms Windows? – Google PinYin


Always been ask how to type chinese character in Ms Win. To type chinese in windows, you can download you can download Google PinYin Chinese input method for free. Google PinYin chinese input method is release by Google Lab (China). It’s a free Chinese input method you can install for your Ms Windows machine.

Google PinYin Chinese Input Method has many good features including:-

  • Smart sentence building – Google PinYin Input Method builds sentences for you, reduce the time to choose the correct words.
  • Popular words – Powered by Google database, Google PinYin Input Method automatically updates the latest buzz words in Internet.
  • Sync – You can sync your input habit and personalized words with Google account and apply it on other computer.
  • One-click search – It is Google. You can search any word directly from the Google PinYin Input Method toolbar
  • English input – Google PinYin Input Method gives English words suggestion when you type english characters. No need to switch input method.

Once download and installed, you can activate google pinyin chinese input method by ALT + Left Shift.

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