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PHP: How to convert ISO character (HTMLEntities) to UTF-8?


convert htmlentities to utf8, convert iso to utf8, convert string to utf-8, convert string to utf8, php character encoding problem, php convert iso to utf8, php how toI’m facing problem in how to convert string from ISO to UTF8 previously. Due to the server configuration problem, all the UTF-8 char has been convereted into ISO (HTMLEntities) before it insert into db and those ISO character (HTMLEntities) break while showing in XML document. Now i found the solution to convert ISO character into UTF-8.

The original utf-8 chinese words: “你好”.
Converted to ISO (HTMLEntities) : “你好”

For you to convert the ISO string “你好” to become utf-8 chinese words: “你好”, you need to use Multibyte String function (or mbstring extension). Example below uses mb_convert_encoding function to convert ISO (HTMLEntities) characters to UTF-8:-

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