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Woocommerce: Behaviour of each payment method during checkout


woocommerce I think many of us have doubt in what is the behaviour of each payment method during customer checkout. I’ve a table here showing the relationship between the payment method / order status / stock / email admin / email customer and action required. If you find anything not clear or not appropriate or you have any suggestion in the table below feel free to let me know. I can help to update. Hope this will give everyone a clearer picture and no more guessing game :p

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Woocommerce: Order Status Explanation


woocommerce For those who are not familiar with the Woocommerce order status, here’s there simple and quick reference that copy from the Woocommerce documentation (link).

All order has a status. Each order statuses explain where is the order is at the moment, starting from pending and ending with complete. Here’s the order status that are being used in woocommerce:

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