How to sort drop down – Admin Generator – Symfony 1.4

symfonyIf you are using Admin Generator in Symfony 1.4, you might encounter a problem where the drop down list is not in order. Many friends ask me how to sort the drop down list that generated by Admin Generator, here i’ve this post to share the way to all of them 🙂

To sort drop down list that generated by Admin Generator follow the steps below:-


  • Open your form class in lib/form/doctrine/base/BasexxxxForm.class.php
  • look for the $this->setWidgets array for your drop down field
  • and add ‘order_by’ => array(‘name’, ‘asc’) to the last array. Refer to the example below:-
    'category_id' => new sfWidgetFormDoctrineChoice(
    'model' => 'MyCategory', 
    'add_empty' => true, 
    'order_by' => array('name', 'asc')

    ** of course, you need to replace the ‘name’ to the field that you want to sort

  • Once you save your modification, now do a clear cache at your application and reload your form
  • You Should see the drop down list is being sorted now 🙂

Happy coding.

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