How to reload .bash_profile in Linux or Mac?

linuxWhenever i add sth in .bash_profile, i’ll re-login to make sure the new .bash_profile is reloaded. Actually there is a command to reload the .bash_profile, n there is no need to re-login for the reload. And you know what? Re-login is a very stupid way (ya i’m stupid in for quite some time :p)

To reload .bash_profile, follow the steps below:-


  • In your Terminal enter the command below and it will reload your .bash_profile without re-login or restart.
    $ source .bash_profile

    ‘source’ can be use in Mac, Linux or Unix system

  • By now your new .bash_profile should have reloaded

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One Response to “How to reload .bash_profile in Linux or Mac?”

  1. Mian Asbat says:

    Please not that to make sure it is effective you must close the current terminal and then open new terminal. I am on mac and for me the class path was not set to the new one or reloaded unless I opened a new terminal. Cheers.

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