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How to speed up Firefox – Vacuum


firefoxLooking for ways to speed up firefox? Here i introduce a way to speed up Firefox. After i implement this trick, I can feel the Firefox start up time is shorter and more responsive!

The reason behind this Firefox speed up tricks is that Firefox is using SQLite database to store it’s info (eg. Bookmarks, cookies, histories, etc). After sometime of using it, data will be fragmented and the database will grow bigger and it will affect the speed of Firefox. To solve the fragmented issue, we can perform a ‘vacuum’ command to the database. * This might be an old trick but work!

To speed up Firefox using Vaccum, follow the steps below:-

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Speed up Firefox start up time with Firefox Preloader


Many people complain that the Mozilla Firefox take up a lot of time during start up. To speed up firefox start up time you can try to install Firefox Preloader.

Firefox Preloader is a free utility that is designed to speed up firefox start up. By loading parts of Mozilla Firefox into memory before it is used it improve the speed of the startup time.

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