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Install eAccelerator to Optimize PHP performance


php, php cache, php accelerator, php tuningServer load increase? looking for ways to optimize your php performance? if you have php optimization problem, you should try PHP eAccelerator. PHP eAccelerator is a free open source PHP accelerator, optimizer and dynamic content cache module that specially build to optimize php performance. According to php eaccelerator official site, php accelerator able to speed up the php code by 1-10 times and reduce server load.

How PHP eAccelerator able to speed up php code and reduce server load?

PHP eAccelerator works this way, whenever there is request to a file, PHP eAccelerator will parse the php file and cache them in their compiled state in the shared memory. So when the next request come, php eAccelerator will serve the request using the cache and it completely eliminated the compile state, so it will speed up php execution. (*Files that can’t fit in shared memory are cached on disk only.)

Interested with PHP eAccelerator? How to install PHP eAccelerator?

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