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Cynogenmod: No Vibration when Receiving SMS


androidJust installed Cynogenmod 7 to my old HTC Desire phone, and I can start feeling the speed! Since it’s first time using Cynogenmod i’m trying to play around with all the settings. However i find there is some problem with the vibration especially when SMS is received. I’m sure i’ve enable all the vibrate settings but it still doesn’t vibrate while SMS is received. Luckily i manage to find this settings from one of the forum and here i share the solution.

To enable the vibration when receiving SMS, follow the steps below:-

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Good Free backup software – FBackup


fbackupA good backup software is a must in order to automate your backup process. Of course if the backup software is free, it’s even better. Some of you might think that free software doesn’t come good. But hey! there is always an exception! This free backup software is good enough for all the window user and it’s free for personal and commercial use!

free backup software

FBackup – the good free backup software

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