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Domain Parking – How to park a domain in CPanel Hosting


buy cheap domain, buy domain, buy domain online, buy new domain, domain parking, parked domainDomain Parking is useful when you want people to get to your website with multiple domain name. (Domain Parking feature already exists in CPanel by default)

Here’s the Domain Parking example: you have a website and now you wan your site to be easily access using other domain name as well. So you buy few more domains –,, By using the Domain Parking feature, visitor able to get into your using all the other new domain you buy just now. Sound cool right?

How to do domain parking in CPanel Hosting?

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Javascript: Prevent page from frameset hijack


If you would like to prevent your site being frame by other website, you can use the code below to protect your site being frame.

Basically, the javascript check if your site is being open by frameset. It check if the opening window is top or else it will refresh the page to your site URL.

Many unethical site nowdays like to “wrap” other people website using FRAME at their website to show other website as it’s own website. This will mislead the visitor that the content is owned by them.

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Namecheap Coupon 2007 – April


Just wanted to register a domain at namecheap but old namecheap coupon expired. After googling a while, Namecheap has new coupon for a domain registration for April.

Below is the new Namecheap Coupon for April 2007

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