Hacked By Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs – wscript.exe

Recently my IE title shows “Hacked by Godzilla” after transfer some files to a handy drive. “Hacked by Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs” also known as VBS.Zodgila worm was discovered since Nov 23, 2006. It has very low threat (according to symantec report). “Hacked by Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs” worm spread thru handy drive or floppy disk.


This is basically what Hacked by Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs – VBS.Zodgila do when it execute:

  • Creates the following files:
    [DRIVE LETTER]:\MS32DLL.dll.vbs
    [DRIVE LETTER]:\MS32DLL.dll.vbs
    [DRIVE LETTER]:\autorun.inf
    Note: %Windir% is a variable that refers to the Windows installation folder. By default, this is C:\Windows (Windows 95/98/Me/XP) or C:\Winnt (Windows NT/2000).
  • Adds the value:
    “MS32DLL” = “%Windir%\MS32DLL.dll.vbs” to the registry subkey:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Run
    so that it runs every time Windows starts.
  • Adds the value:
    “Window Title” = “Hacked by[REMOVED]” to the registry subkey:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Internet Explorer \Main
    to modify title in Internet Explorer.
  • Attempts to copy itself to removable drives and create registry entries every 200 seconds.

Information above was taken from Symantec website.

If your computer affected by “Hacked by Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs” worms:-

  • Your Internet Explorer title will end with “Hacked by Godzilla”
  • You might not able to open any of your drive thru double click (you still able to open/explore using right click -> explore)

How to remove “Hacked by Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs” (VBS.Zodgila) worm?

  • Open Task Manager ( Right click on your taskbar and click “Task Manager” )
  • Click on Processes tab and select “wscript.exe” and click “End Process” button. (Remember to remove all wscript.exe)
  • Go to My Computer, Click on Tools -> Folder Options, click on View tab
  • Under Advance settings,
    check “Show Hidden files and folders“,
    uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“,
    uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
    and click “OK” button
  • Go to C:\WINDOWS or C:\WINNT and delete file MS32DLL.dll.vbs
  • Now go to all your drive in your computer, and delete autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs including your USB Drive and Floppy disk. All the autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs file is located at the root directory of your drive, ex: c:\MS32DLL.dll.vbs, d:\MS32DLL.dll.vbs …

    To access your drive, Go to My Computer, right click on the drive and select “Explore”

  • Next we are going to clean your registry record. Click Start -> Run, type regedit
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software \Microsoft \Windows \Current Version \Run and delete MS32DLL (right click on it and select delete)
  • Now we are going to disable CD Autorun, Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \Cdrom look for Autorun and double click on it and enter 0 as it’s DWORD value

    You can skip this steps if you do not wish to disable CD Autorun feature. But Hacked By Godzilla worm spread when CD Autorun is ON.

  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Microsoft \Internet Explorer \Main and delete “Window Title” which has it’s value of “Hacked by Godzilla
  • Now go back to My Computer, Click on Tools -> Folder Options, click on View tab
  • Under Advance settings,
    uncheck “Show Hidden files and folders“,
    check “Hide extensions for known file types“,
    check “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
    and click “OK” button
  • Empty your Recycle Bin.
  • Restart your PC and your PC should be clean from Hacked by Godzilla now

Happy surfing!

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127 Responses to “Hacked By Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs – wscript.exe”

  1. Edmund says:

    At first I followed the steps, my computer still had MS32DLL.dll.vbs. It spreads to any folder such as recent, my computer, and user folder. We should use search folder/file name to find the locations of the MS32DLL.dll.vbs and autorun.inf

    Thanks for your tips. It really help me to clean the MS32DLL.dll.vbs.

  2. Raghu says:

    Thanks for that.. It worked fine for me..

  3. Magi says:

    Lord that was a pain to kill.
    I had to use the CMD to kill the process because Task manger was blocked. But it’s all good now, just got to clear my other machines.
    Thanks a billion!

  4. Debbie wyh says:

    Hai , Friend, can u teach me how to killed the Godzilla, cause my internet Hacked By Godzilla

  5. Joseph says:

    Hey thanks for the help! I was really annoyed when this worm popped up last night.

  6. Dan says:

    Hey thanks champ for the walkthru. Took a few tries cuz i have like 6 HDD’s but i got there, great work!

  7. Phil says:

    Used this walk-through to successfully remove an extremely stubborn variant that was using TTMS313.dll.vbs Thanks!

  8. Ariel says:

    Works !!!

    Hacked By Godzilla PWND !!

    Thank you so very much, this was very annoying.


  9. flavio says:

    thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ashley says:

    Thank you so much for your help! You are very kind.

  11. newBornHate says:

    to: Smsinggal

    the virus change the registry entry “ShowSuperHidden” valeu data to 0 instead of 1, which means viewing system files is restricted and since autorun.inf were virus maker made is a system file.. here’s the alternative way to delete those garbage…
    try create an autorun.inf at your desktop after creating, copy and paste it to drives were you cant open..(replace the existing autorun.inf)….(to create autorun.inf.. rightclick on your desktop choose new.. create text document and save it as autorun.inf)
    delete autorun.inf after you replace the existing one…

    wish this could help…….

  12. newBornHate says:

    # Aafaq Says:
    July 25th, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    my comp was hacked by godzilla..i installed mcafee which deleted the ms32dll.dll.vbs and autorun.inf file..but now i cannot open any of the drives..the only way to access them is by typin the letters in the address bar..also i cannot unhide files..everytime i select tht option and click apply it doesnt change adn when i check back it still says do not show hidden filesl and folders…thts a prob..please help 🙂

    i think that virus leaved an autorun.inf in all your drive……. create an autorun.inf at your desktop after creating copy and paste it to drives were you cant open…(to create autorun.inf.. rightclick on your desktop choose new.. create text document and save it as autorun.inf)

    wish this could help…….

  13. Robert says:

    These instructions work for a similar virus infestation that I found on my girlfriend’s computer. The symptons were almost the same. Instead of CRACKED BY GODZILLA it said CRACKED BY YOUR-FAD and then some numbers. I figure it is just a cheap copy-cat of the godzilla worm. I think Graffiti, and computer viruses are an indication of someone’s insecurity and desire to be recognized. Which makes the YOUR-FAD worm author an even more pathetic person IMHO. I feel sorry for this person really. It took a google search and 2 minutes of deleting files to fix it. Is that the best you can do you little punk?

  14. Jawz says:

    Point of interest for those hoping to avoid problems like this in the future:

    I have Kaspersky Internet Security, and as soon as I plugged my infected USB Device into my computer it comes up with a message telling me that .MS32DLL.dll.vbs is a virus and lets me delete it.

    As such, I did not get ‘hacked’ by Godzilla 😛

    However, when I found the same thing to repeat itself when I removed it and plugged it in again, I found out that I needed to manually delete some other files, namely autorun.inf and W32PT.dll.vbs (although i think the w32pt.dll was an unrelated virus).

    Lesson is, get a better security suite!

  15. Dimebug says:

    Dude, you rock! Thanks a million.

  16. Aafaq says:

    my comp was hacked by godzilla..i installed mcafee which deleted the ms32dll.dll.vbs and autorun.inf file..but now i cannot open any of the drives..the only way to access them is by typin the letters in the address bar..also i cannot unhide files..everytime i select tht option and click apply it doesnt change adn when i check back it still says do not show hidden filesl and folders…thts a prob..please help 🙂

  17. Rene says:

    it worked perfectly
    Thank you so much~

  18. Daniel says:

    People may be interested to know howto get rid of the message that continues after the trojan is removed. Its to do with windows mount point registry settings.

    Below I have extracted registry info from an infected test machine that shows the “wscript.exe .MS32DLL.dll.vbs” stuck in the autorun mount point. All you have to do is browse to the key (the {07852ef4-9baf-11db-a10c-806d6172696f} below refers to the drive, I have 3 partitioned drives on the computer so I have 3 registry entries) and remove the “wscript.exe .MS32DLL.dll.vbs” only from the default value.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @=”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\RunDLL32.EXE Shell32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL wscript.exe .MS32DLL.dll.vbs”

    @=”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\RunDLL32.EXE Shell32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL wscript.exe .MS32DLL.dll.vbs”

    @=”C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\RunDLL32.EXE Shell32.DLL,ShellExec_RunDLL wscript.exe .MS32DLL.dll.vbs”

  19. andrew says:

    i accidently deleted the MS32DLL.DLL.VBS how then i can redownload or restore it? the worm is gone but then i still cannot open the drive by double click it

  20. Africanus says:

    Fariz, try this, open notepad application. Go to File, Open and (look in = Local Disk “C”, for anyone else could be any letter depending of your configuration) type in autorun.inf. If the file open the autorun.inf is still on your C drive. Just go Tools, Folder Options, View Tab and Make sure you uncheck Hide protected operating system files and show hidden files and folders. Then go back to your local disk “C”, you will see autorun.inf. Just delete it and Voila !!!!!

  21. chua says:

    Josie: i think your folder got infected by the virus too. you can try to right click on the folder and select explore. Please check if your folder have autorun.inf file, if yes, remove it. Autorun.inf is the one tat cause the folder cant be double click

    Fariz: you have not end the virus process in the task manager. Please make sure the process is dead before cleaning the files. Else you will see those symptoms all the time.

  22. Fariz says:

    Hello there, I’ve tried to disabled the virus by following your tutorial. It works, but, only for the certain account (current account where I was in when I doing the virus removal). When I restarted my computer and logged on as another user, there are some symptoms remained. What should I do? I have tried to retry all the steps again until I have no longer found any MS32DLL.dll.vbs and autorun.inf in my computer, but when I tried to click on the C: drive in my computer in one of the user account available, it said: “Cannot find file: “MS32DLL.dll.vbs” file”. Please help!

  23. Jon says:

    Thanks a lot for that info, how on earth does someone figure all that out? It worked and now I feel better about using my computer on the net. Cheers!!!

  24. josie says:

    Hi Chua,

    Thank you for the steps to get rid off the Hacked by Godzilla. I have followed every single steps you have given and it works. EXCEPT that now I cannot double click on the folders in my windows explorer. Please advise. Thank you. 🙂

  25. Joy says:

    I still cannot get rid of Hacked by Godzilla! It will not let me delete the file MS32DLL.dll.vbs! It says that is in use and will not delete it! I’m so buggered… what can I do?

  26. Ben says:

    I got this virus, but I removed it using the tutorial. Then all of the sudden, and for no reason I get it again. There were no other drives involved. This one was crazy, it infected all 4 of my partitions and my USB stick, and I accidentally killed XP in the process. After loading XP back onto the computer, all signs of the virus seem gone, but then an hour later, what do you know, it’s back. I manage to get rid of it this time, but I have no idea how to stop it coming back.

  27. Vivek says:

    Hello Mr. Techie,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed steps. I could remove this crap easily.


  28. FCY says:

    thx bro…
    it helped alot…!

  29. yazan says:

    i cant get to folder options
    and i dont have the wscript.exe in my task manager…but it does show hacked by godzilla on the title bar and i cant open any drive by double click
    can someone help me?

  30. Kate says:

    i turned on my laptop one day and got 3 virus hits on autorun. i deleted them all and thought everything was fine, but when i tried to access my memory key (usb) the screen flickered and now it wants me to select a program. the same is happening for my C drive.
    I’ve read how to remove the virus, and I’ve tried to do what you say. Unfortunatly there is no “wscript.exe” in the prosceses tab. also, when i search “autorun.inf” there are no files that contain the virus, and when i run “msconfig” and look in the startup options there’s nothing there either.
    I have tried to continue with the steps, but nothing really works.
    please help me…

  31. MARK says:

    I am having trouble finding the MS32 and autorun.inf files. I have run searches etc. and have resorted to search each idividual file and folder. I really need help to find this damn things. OH and by the way,cab this virus also infect portable devices like MP3’s?

  32. IJAJ says:

    error i am facing is TTMS131.dll.vbs

  33. MARK says:

    I have window vista, and the problem is there is no tools in the my computer version of vista. If you can find it, please advise

  34. Marcus says:

    I ahve windows vista and i am having a hard time following your steps ecause i cant find the tools in the my computer. Please help

  35. Mayze says:

    ___ cheers mate it seems to have worked. cheers
    / \
    ( l )
    ( )
    ____ ( )____
    ( ) ( )

  36. SPC. Thompson says:

    Thank you,

    This trojan worm infected almost every computer in my task force while deployed. Your instructions saved American soldiers a means of communication. And potentially their lives.

  37. Smsinggal says:

    Hi Chua,
    thanks for replying, I still can’t find the autorun.inf even though I’ve check “Show Hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“ & “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”
    Please advise on how I should do. Thank you

  38. Prakash says:

    hi! buddy. thanks a looooooooooooooooooooooooooot. it works.

  39. Sac says:

    Thanks for the Pos.
    Got rid of the Bitch.

  40. chua says:

    madie: sorry i havent try this on vista. if anyone tried this on vista please help madie. TQ

    Smsinggal: i think you miss the steps to show all hidden file.
    # Go to My Computer, Click on Tools -> Folder Options, click on View tab
    # Under Advance settings,
    check “Show Hidden files and folders“,
    uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“,
    uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”
    and click “OK” button

    Then you’ll able to see the autorun.inf

  41. Smsinggal says:


    I can’t open my drive by double clicking it, it shows a dialogue box “Can’t find C://MS32DLL…… ” ….

    Something to note too… I manage to find the MS32DLL.vbs file but I can’t find the autorun.inf file. Also, I had already disabled my CD autorun earlier on…

    Appreciate if u can advise… 🙂


  42. madie says:

    I have problem with my windows vista I can’t remove “hacked by godzilla”
    anybody pls help me how to remove from my pc.

  43. chua says:

    hi bhushan, did u do this step?
    ” Click on Processes tab and select “wscript.exe” and click “End Process” button. (Remember to remove all wscript.exe)”

    you must ensure all the wscript.exe is not running then only you can remove all the files.

  44. bhushan says:

    hi thanks for d info man its helpful but wen i tried to do so d virus in d mother hdd dats D DRIVE IN MY CASE COULDNT BE DELETED it always gave msg its in use why this happened can u inform me bout dat. waiting for reply.

  45. ali says:

    hey..i tried doing it but as soon as i press the process button in the task manager the task manager window gets closed on its own…it’s as if the virus evolved man!

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  47. MerDuriaN says:

    seriously, i coulen’t find any wscript.exe on processes, ms32dll.dll.vbs on my windows folders too

  48. chua says:

    jaikishan: if possible start your windows using Safe Mode. During your computer boot time, keep pressing F8, it will show you some selection, you select “Start winxp in Safe mode”. Once started, you can try to remove those files.

    Anshul: did you show all your files?
    # Go to My Computer, Click on Tools -> Folder Options, click on View tab
    # Under Advance settings,
    #check “Show Hidden files and folders“,
    #uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“,
    #uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”
    # and click “OK” button

    If you do not see these files then your anti virus or spyware cleaner cleaned it off.

  49. Anshul says:

    buddy, i was not able to find autorun.inf & MS32DLL.dll.vbs in any of my drives. Plz suggest how can i search those files.

  50. TABISH says:

    While starting my PC after loggin giving error as C:\recycled\SVCHOST.exe not found. Make sure you have entered currect name

  51. jaikishan says:

    dear sir,
    as you have shown in the procedure to delete the ms32dll.vbs, let me tell you that i have deleted the autorun.inf file but the above mentioned file is not getting deleted.. it is showing error ” cannot delete the file, as it is being used by another program or person” close any file that might be using that file or program”
    can you help

  52. Ria_Kapoor says:

    hi thanks for ur suggestions.now from my I/E “hacked by godzilla” is removed and i had delete the ms32dll from registory files.but still i m not able o open any drive directly it is showing script ms32dll is not found.plz advise me wat should i do.

    And i made sure that all system “ms32dll.dll” n “autorun.inf” were deleted.
    i did it twice

  53. manojam79 says:

    I was about to format my PC.
    You saved me! thanks a lot.

  54. praveen muni says:

    speed of the program is very slow also folder option does not open with double click it open with right click

  55. royal says:

    i have removed “Hacked by Godzilla” from my computer and the best help i found from http://howto.redcomputer.net/windows/hacked_by_godzilla.php
    that articale really works.
    Some time you will find the folder options has being disabled by this virus and also you cannot access to regedit. I got it done by searching google.com for the problems.
    So I think this would help others having the same problem.

  56. Derek says:

    Hi, my dads com was infected with this virus. I was using your guide to try and remove the virus and ran into some problems.

    “check “Show Hidden files and folders“,

  57. chua says:

    sws55788: i think you miss the steps to remove the autorun.inf. Once you removed those autorun.inf, it’ll be ok again.

  58. Lilith says:

    Thanks! great work! You help me a lot
    Greetings from Poland 😉

  59. sws55788 says:

    hi guys
    i trying very hard u did mention the instruction as follow but after i did the same way yes this MS32DLL.dll.vbs is gone and no more Autorun.inf
    but why after click my computer we see drive A: drive c: drive d: and about when we selecting drive c: bu using mouse arrow key to clic it open c: drive this messages appearing ((( MS32DLL.dll.vbs is missing cannot open drive)) how to fix this???

  60. SoGua says:

    elie sabbagh: i haven’t tried on vista yet. if you cant find wscript.exe then you can try to skip that steps and proceed to next step

  61. venkat gopu says:

    u r the god to me , gr8 guidence. It worked wonderful.
    Thanx a lot man ..

  62. pattytoons says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! thnks to much!!!! thanks a lot!!! it was a little difficult to me to do that, because i cant undstnd very wll the english, but i tried to do it step by step, and… everything worked!! …. XD

  63. elie sabbagh says:

    i couldn’t find wscript.exe in the task manager is it because i have vista????

    plz help

  64. chua says:

    Mark: This virus does not affect ur browser capability. if u still not able to access the internet i think ur computer is infected by other viruses. Try to use Firefox as ur default browser.

    Charan: this virus is hidding in ur thumb driver / handy drive. If u want to get rid of this virus, first of all u need to clean ur thumbdrive. If ur thumbdrive isn’t clean and u format your computer, it don’t help to solve the problem. If u cant find MS32DLL.dll.vbs then u have to look for the autorun.inf.

    The error shows when u double click in your drive is caused by this autorun.inf script. And if possible empty ur recycle bin and do a full system scan using antivirus and spybot.

  65. vijay says:

    Man you are genius.

  66. charan says:

    dude please help me out…im frustrated
    once i formatted my windows drive thinkin this virus will go…
    but it didn’t…..
    now i tried to follow these steps exactly as u’ve mantioned above
    first of all i couldn’t find wscript on the processes tab in the task manager
    & in the tools->folder options->view im not able to check “Show Hidden files and folders“, &
    uncheck “Hide protected operating system files
    after clicking ok button on its own it wud ve chked uncheck “Hide protected operating system files &
    uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“….
    & im not able to find MS32DLL.dll.vbs in c:\windows
    in any of the drives ms32dll is not found & also autorun.inf
    even in registry im not able to find MS32DLL
    IF I DOUBLE CLICK ON MY DRIVE IT SAYS “cannot find the script file driveletter:\ms32dll.dll.vbs”
    AND AS SOON AS I LOGIN TO MY WINDOWS IT SAYS “cannot find c:\recycled\SVCHOST.exe”

    plz help me out dude

  67. […] ok i got what problem it was Hacked By Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs – wscript.exe Hacked By Godzilla – MS32DLL.dll.vbs – wscript.exe i did what it said everything was ok then i reboot my i got this error look at screen i did […]

  68. Pruthujay says:

    Thanks a lot buddy….u details helped me kill this ‘Hacked by Godzilla’….This thing works…!!!

  69. MARK says:

    Does this disable the internet browser capabilities. I went through you steps to remove this but still cant use the internet. This problem started before i found out that it had godzilla virus now i still have no internet. I loaded monzilla internet browser even with a good connection. Is there something else i can look at??

  70. Pankaj says:

    thnx a lot dude !! u hav helped me to get rid out of this .U hav done a nice Job.

  71. sogua says:

    gilz / devendu: if u cant find the wscript.exe you can try to skip that steps n continue all the steps + clean the autorun.inf n MS32DLL.dll.vbs.

  72. gilz says:

    hi, i didnt find wscript.exe on the task manager, i also didnt find MS32DLL.dll.vbs. so how come my browser has hacked by godzilla?

  73. Devendu.S.V_Aryanad says:

    I cannot find ‘C:\WINNT’.Also AVG could not solve the problem.

  74. devendu says:

    While clicking process button in the task manager window there is no file named ‘wscript.exe’. What is the solution?

  75. chua says:

    ady: hmmm weird, if you are administrator you will be able to run regedit. try to logoff and do a clean login using username as Administrator. If you are using welcome screen login, change it to the classic login screen n try this

  76. ady says:

    hi chua,

    i can’t run the “regedit”, at the dialog box shown “registry editing has been disable by your administrator”, i’ve already swicth to administrator user, but still can’t run it. plz help me… i’m getting crazy with this godzilla.

    *sorry my eng not so good.

  77. Evette says:

    Many thanks! This got rid of the bug. After restarting the comp, I could double click on all the drives the same as before, no problem.

  78. tatenda says:

    i can’t find ms32dll.dll.vbs on my computer even after showing my hidden files and folders and godzilla has disabled regedit so i cant go into my registry. Can anyone help please because i just cant get rid of godzilla. please this is urgent, if only there is another way.

  79. HARI KIRAN says:

    This tip helped me a lot & I really thanks to the propretory

  80. Pinakin says:

    Hie..i am not able to find that .exe file which mentioned above.however i couuldn’t open my drive(its showing me an xplorer view wnever i 2 click on it)..and my internet explorer is not showing haked by godzila…still i can filnd that .MS32DLL.dll.vbs file in my pc…..wat’ld i do??

  81. Yvonne says:

    Thanks a lot. Followed your instructions and they worked. Great!

  82. Priya says:

    thanks for all the tips.. it seems to have worked.. i had tried everything..but nothing had worked so far.. thanks again

  83. Qing says:

    After following all your instructions, does it mean that the virus is completely gone? Can I turn on the “Autorun” feature again?

    I think that the virus came from my thumbdrive. So if I clean my thumbdrive as suggested above, does it mean that my thumbdeive will no longer infect other computers?

    Thank you so much for your advice!

  84. Silent says:


    i’ve follow ur guide to remove the virus but the virus still there after i restart my pc.i goin 2 crazy coz i’ve 50gb files.can u help me on dis?


    hope u can understand my question coz my eng not so good…

  85. chua says:

    prachi: Start -> Run -> type “regedit” and look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \Cdrom look for Autorun and double click on it and enter 1 as it’s DWORD value

    *** Remember, this virus will spread thru ur affected thumb drive to your pc if Autorun feature is turn on again.

    Sree: Did you use any other anti spyware program to clean your pc before? If so the files might be deleted by the anti spyware program.

    Aimee: Try Avast anti virus, it’s free for Home use 🙂 http://www.techiecorner.com/102/avast-anti-virus-free-anti-virus-software/

    Bigbear: yes you can clean your slave drive, but first you must disable the Autorun feature in your pc. follow the instruction i give to prachi and change the value to 0 will be able to disable the autorun

  86. Bigbear says:

    This virus was on the boot drive, I did a clean install so I assume it has gone?
    I am not so sure about the slave drive, which is unplugged at the moment.
    Is there a safe way to check and delete this virus from the slave without it infecting the boot drive
    Thanks for any help

  87. saurabh says:

    hi thank a lot for the valueable help of your.this process is very effective and now there is no godzilla in my pc.
    thanks a lot…

  88. james says:

    thanks alot… i tried fixing it manually before reading your help…
    probably i’ve screwed some things up before.. but still, your help, HELPS a whole lot…


  89. Aimee says:

    ei!!! thank you very much….. i delete that thing in my PC….. thanks for the fix… hmmmm… any good free anti virus there??


  90. Sree says:


    Been havin trouble with this for a long time. Tired all the step instructed by you but except for deleting autorun.inf files got no where near this horrible bug.

    Can not find any MS32DLL.dll.vbs files at anywhere in the system, even in the registry steps could not find anything as suggested.

    I am using a windows xp. Please help.

    Thanks Sree

  91. prachi says:

    hey 1 more problem wat shud i do 4 dis
    disable CD Autorun …as none of my cd is bng displayed…now plz.. tell how 2 enable it again..

  92. chua says:

    prachi: you can try to clear off some space for your Hard disk and perform a defragmentation. After the defrag it should be more smoother.

    Max: if you have disabled the autorun, you can browse your thumb drive and delete the autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs. once autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs got removed your thumb drive will be clean again 🙂

  93. max says:

    hey, thx for the info on clearing the virus.
    but i still hav 1 more problem, i found out that the virus comes from my 2gb toshiba thumb drive, how do i clear it away?
    i want to be able to use it

  94. Pete says:

    Thanks, it worked a treat. I’ve been trying to fix a friends computer and this script thing kept coming up when I double clicked the hard drives. I’m busy checking all the thumb drives but I’m using Ubuntu to clear those – Go on Godzilla trying hacking Ubuntu !

  95. prachi says:

    hey u RO..OcKK MAN…

    n solved my problem..

    1 more prob..my pc has bcm slow..not bcoz of removing dis virus but it was earlier also..what shud i do 4 dat?

  96. Vicky says:

    Thnx a lot 4 puttin suggestions abt d Godzilla virus….
    Recently my IE was hacked by godzilla n was not able 2 use d internet….
    Now it works fit n fine n am very much gr8ful 2 you… Cheers buddy 🙂

  97. sachin says:

    Thanks, I find the solution through this website. My pc was infected by ms32dll.dll.vbs. I haven’t tried yet, but I guess its gonna work.

  98. chua says:

    just back from my vacation 🙂

    Mich: Yes, your pc will be affected again if you still using those handy drive that already affected by the virus.

    Fletcher: If you r sure that ms32dll.dll.vbs has been removed then it should be ok.

    Charlie: you can try to install spybot to scan and clear your computer. Here is the link to download spybot. http://www.download.com/Spybot-Search-Destroy/3000-8022_4-10401314.html?tag=lst-0-1
    Remember to update the spybot database before doing the scan.

  99. Charlie says:

    I don’t know if you can help me.
    I’ve got that virus in one of my computers, and I mostly need to use that one (for the files, they are very important).

    Well, what I do went I realize about the problem, was install a group of anti-virus for test it with the virus, but the only one which have effect, was “the hacker 6.1”, and… well, I try to install too the Noton A-Virus 2007, but a can’t complete the instal process, and I had to restart the computer for request of the Norton installation. BUT… … … after the restart, the system (winXP) start, but I can’t do nothing, even close the programs with the “task maneger” is impossible.

    Please, HEEEELP MEE.

  100. Fletcher says:

    i’ve done all of the steps and i think i’ve vemoved the godzilla virus… however when i try to open C:\ i get an error message saying “can not find script file “c:\ms32dll.dll.vbs”” HELP!!! i can still access the c drive by choosing explore but this kinda worries me. if anyone can help please email me at fletcher68@gmail.com

    thank you so much

  101. Mich says:

    Hi! Could you please help me with the Virus, Godzilla? I have done alot of anti-virus scans online and downloaded some Antivirus programs but they cant seem to pick the virus out. If I do go through the process of yours, will it the vrius return?

  102. Habib says:

    Thanks! I used it and it works. Thanks for making the Net a safer place.

  103. chua says:

    Gillynne: you are welcome 🙂

    rimi: r u login under adminstrator account? and please open only 1 window explorer to do the Folder Option.

  104. rimi says:

    please help..
    I cannot uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types“,
    and“Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”.
    I unchecked both and applyed and clicked ok but when i close folder options and go again both the “hide” options have benn rechecked…
    Im helpless, coz without being able to view the hidden files i cant find any autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs in any drive…
    this godzilla was really tricky. it had removed my folder options from the tool menu, and disabled my registry edit too.. when i tried to run regedit a message popped up sayind the editing settings arent allowed. bt with online help i fixed both those problems, bt this cannot uncheck problem still remains, as so does godzilla… 🙁

  105. Gilynne says:

    hey..i’m really thanking on whoever had written this solution and it’s very useful…i’ve been thinking on how to remove this worm for weeks….thank you so much!!hope you can write more script about common virus removal….

  106. Tristan says:

    Hi Chua,

    My external drive is affected by ms32dll.dll.vbs. However, there isn’t any autorun.inf file found. I tried deleting ms32dll.dll.vbs manually. But when i tried opening my external drive, the same error message appeared.

    My PC is not infected though, it doesn’t show anything about hacked by godzilla.

    Hope you can help. Thanks

  107. chua says:

    Hi sarah, i think u didnt remove the wscript.exe yet. and pls make sure u disable autorun then you can re run this tutorial again, it should be able to remove it

    hi everton, if you cant find the wscripts.exe u can just skip that step n continue to clean ur autorun files

  108. everton says:

    i cant find wscript.exe from windows task manager . tell me how to find it,,,

  109. sarah says:

    Hi, I have had “hacked by godzilla” for a while, I tried to remove it but after I rebooted it was still there I have a feeling I did not completely remove it from all my drives, I am having a hard time finding them, I got the c: drive and the only way I got access to my usb drive was to use my key, this did show me the ms32dll and autorun files on my key so I removed them , but those were the only two drives I got too. Please help!how do I access the other drives to be able to remove everything.

  110. Biplab says:

    thanks a lot chua, this godzilla is troubling me a lot from more than couple of month and today by yr help i am able to remove it from my computer, i am very happy….one thing i have a great enthusiasm to learn about registry and i think it is a very powerful tool so can u plz give me a particular website from which i can learn about registry in detail, o.k again thanks for yr help.

  111. chua says:

    i suspect you didn’t fully delete the autorun.inf
    make sure you have clear all the autorun.inf in all your drive.

  112. vijay says:

    hi thanks for ur valueable suggestion.now from my I/E hacked by godzilla is removed and i had delete the ms32dll from registory files.but still i m not able o open any drive directly it is showing script ms32dll is not found.plz advise me wat should i do.

  113. spanish-one says:

    Thanks, thanks a lot for the info.
    I deleted the hide files, but I didn’t know what to do at my registry (except IE title one).

    Thanks a lot! 😉

  114. chua says:

    Thanks for your visit.
    If you cant find the wscript.exe,
    you can try to skip this step and continue the others.

    Good luck

  115. Sam says:


    I am having a PC with windows XP as O/S. My IE says that
    hacked by godzilla. I saw the procedure to remove the virus.
    I clicked the “Task Manager” and went to “process” option
    and then I checked for “wscript.exe” under the column
    “Image Name”. I DO NOT FIND the file “wscript.exe”
    What should I do now to remove the godzilla since the first
    step is to select the wscript.exe file and perform the
    “end process” operation. Can anyone guide me on this issue.
    Thank you for your time and efforts.


  116. chua says:

    neng: you must login as administrator to do all the works. i advice you to look for your system admin to solve this issue. Good luck

  117. neng says:

    i cant open the task manager in my computer it says ” task manager is disabled by the administrator” I cant start working on how to delete this MS32DLL.dll.vbs.

  118. neng says:

    I need your advise Godzilla had disabled the task manager and hide the folder i cant even find the task man.

    Godzilla also inable always the autoplay eve if i disbled it.

    I dont know what to do its really a headache…..

    Please help….Thanks in advance…

  119. chua says:

    hi piyush chandran: thanks for visiting my site 🙂
    gpedit.msc is only available in Windows XP Pro edition.

    For Windows XP Home user, you need to follow my registry edit steps to turn all autorun off. or you may use other tools to disable the autorun.

  120. piyush chandra says:

    if u still get AUTORUN as default command for your drives… then run “gpedit.msc” and disable the AutoPlay for all drives… 🙂

  121. kenn says:


    now i havent find those things (autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs) at my D-drive and External hard disk
    even i run search by… also didnt find those things

    thats holy-bullshit

    can u gave me ur email or msn ?
    seen any problem can direct get the answer from u..ya

  122. chua says:

    hello, thanks for visiting my site 🙂

    kenn: go to all your drives and delete autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs at the root directory ex: d:\autorun.inf, e:\autorun.inf ….

  123. kenn says:

    thank you for the information to remove those Suckx things…

    Now i had only remove those things at C drive ONLY !!

    So…how to remove the 2nd Drive ( D drive )
    and how to remove from the externel hard disk

    if know how to solve this problem mailing me plz !!! thx

  124. avtar singh says:

    thank you for the information on deleting the MS32DLL.dll.vbs!

    It was a total bitch to get rid of but these guidelines did the job!

    thank you for posting them!

  125. santu kumar gupta says:

    i think after working so hard u have made this it should work.this means i should be able to delete hacked by godzila now


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